Fun Times in the Madison Area

It was a lovely day yesterday! Blue skies, warm but a breeze that made it not too hot, and such a great day for adventures with friends/family! So, I went down to meet them at our lot and we were off. My poor boyfriend had to work seeings as how it was a Monday. But, we texted him to tell him we were thinking of him and made lunch plans with his to go to Cracker Barrel. 😉

We went to visit a cute little puppy who melted our hearts and made us want to bring him home with us. He is a German Shepard but he is both expensive and it is not right for us right now. We live in a too small place for his needs. But, oh how tempting it was! Then we went to a store called Woodman’s where we picked up something that can’t be purchased in Iowa for our guests! That was really fun because I love looking at the different kinds of beers and the packaging. Packaging of products in general always really makes me happy.

WE  went to an amazing place in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin called the Beef Jerky Outlet. They have hot sauces of every level of heat, jerky every level of heat and spice and many other fun snacks. They have my favorite white cheddar popcorn that can’t be purchased from a big box store. I get it every chance I get out there. So, naturally I picked some up yesterday. 😉

We stopped at in to the Harley Davidson store. I loved some of the clothing there and had some wonderful ideas for things for my boyfriend. I told him later that when we had some free time on a weekend we would have to go and I wanted him to try on some things. I thought he may like some of their things. And I fell in love with a pair of boots and a pair of sunglasses. And it was funny because he literally knew their prices automatically without being in the store haha.

We went to the mall of the East side of Madison. There were some clothing shops that were appealing to us. I was so tempted to pick up some things but knew it was better to save the money. But, it gave me ideas and I now know where they are located in the mall. It is close to where my boyfriend works. And his favorite pretzel place is outside those shops so he could snack while I pick up what I need. 😉 I see some trips in our future!

It was a really nice time. Then my boyfriend was off work so we met him at the animart pet store so he could meet the puppy. But, they had them back in their clear kennels again. It was so sad to see them in such a tight space. It made us all so sad we did not stay long. Then we went to dinner and had a nice time at Red Robin. Although, the place was packed, the tables were super packed together and our server messed up The Man’s order big time. But, we enjoyed being together. And my love of ranch with stuff is REAL. ❤

Then we went to mini golf. Which I have realized that I like. I always avoided it back home. There was a place a half hour from my house my entire life. Friends always begged me to go. I always turned them down. So, last night I finally went to mini golf and actually despite not being good at it… had fun. I didn’t complete it only because I started to overheat and feel sick. It was a mixture of allergic reaction to too many mosquito bites and overheating. I have a weird body. I dehydrate easily and am not wise when it comes to my maintaining that. I had so many opportunities to take better care of myself in that area during the day. But, I did not. I chose soda or did not make the choice to hydrate. And in the end it made me so ill that The Man had to help me into the car and into our house last night because I was shaking.

Silver lining was that with the fan on me, multiple bottles of water, rest and not being a dummy about it I’m feeling much better today. And I learned that when properly taking care of myself I really enjoyed mini golf! So, I would love to do it again. And the company I was with made it so much fun. It was another fantastic day. 😉


Until next time,

Carrie Ann


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