Vacation With Friends

My boyfriend moved to Madison with his friend from back in Iowa several years ago. The apartment is a two bedroom so it was perfect for them. But, then I came along and moved in and it still worked as I stay with my boyfriend in now what is known as “our room”. However, this means I live with two males in a formerly exclusive bachelor pad. I’m not around other females often as my boyfriend’s friends are mostly male. I have no issue with this as his friends as sweet and we all get along well. We laugh and I was accepted very easily and treated as one of their own from the start.

But, lets be honest there is a lot of girl things that get lost when you are always around men. And so when my Midwest bestie (I have two of them and so this helps me keep you in the know of which best I am speaking of. The other is East Coast Bestie. 😉 ) said she wanted to come with her hubby and visit I was like “DONE!” It never hurts that she is my boyfriend’s cousin so I get more reasons to see her through the year and my boyfriend knows her really well and likes her a ton too. Her husband is very fun to be around and we have a blast.

They arrived around lunch time and we went to HuHot. It was my first time ever going there. I think the boyfriend (AKA The Man) was afraid that I would dislike it because in the past I have been very afraid to try new things. But, I LOVED it! I really found a combination of things that I liked. If you would like to know I decided on beef, Chinese noodles, Sprouts, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Onions and Teriyaki Sauce. It was amazing! I kept my portions rather small so I had two helpings which was probably more like one helping for most people. But, I didn’t want to go all in and regret it since I was new. Also, it was lunch and I did not want to have an upset tummy. And with my digestion I am trying to keep my intake low these days. But, to be honest my lower portions was perfect for me. I did not feel like I lost out or did not have enough. It was nice.

After lunch we split off into groups. The boys went off to do dude stuff. And my Midwest bestie and I went to Walgreens to get girl things. We got some press on nails, some things she needed and tried some swatches. But, can I just say the testers they use for liquid lipsticks suck! What is with that? Sometimes it was regular lipsticks… it looked broken but it is just the way they do it. I was like so turned off by that. However, some of the packaging on things make me want things I did not even need. There was a mascara that had the BEST sparkle packaging that was to DIE for. After that we went to the dollar tree to some items to help with dying my hair and some snacks.

Then we went to the hotel that our friends/family are staying at. The hotel is so nice and not within the city so everything is quiet and calm. I was so impressed with it. The room is lovely. And so affordable. It is like a gem! We talked and dyed my hair. It was so nice having girl time. We also did face masks. The hours just flew by. Its just nice to have that girl time with someone that you like so much. You miss that when you are alone so much usually and around boys when you do socialize.

Then the boys met us at the hotel and we revealed my new hair color. I am a redhead! My boyfriend liked it because when we met I was one. He liked it and we cuddled a bit 😉 Then we went to dinner at this amazing place in Middleton, Wisconsin called the Crafstman. It is a great place for food and atmosphere. I really think sometime I should  blog about the places the Man and I go to eat. Because there are some GREAT places in this area and amazing food for those of you who are foodies out there. Although, mostly I get the same thing. But, I tell you… not everyone does it the same so maybe I could be a critic of that one thing I get. 😛 Who knows 😉

After dinner The Man was so tired we headed home. It was a fantastic day! I can’t wait for more adventures! ❤



Until Next Time,

Carrie Ann


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